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Name: Dimitros
I agree with the folks who say here the site is good. It IS REALLY GREAT! I am a photographer myself and I can appreciate the modern ero pics. They are really perfect. You know your job, fellows!

7 June 2010

Name: Paulm
Guys, I just wanted to say thank you for your site. It is very sweet and useful and I am going to recommend it to my friends as a good change from hackneyed vintage porn sources.

8 May 2010

Name: Ged
I completely admire your Retro and Vintage section! The pics there are really beautiful. They are so sweet I kept smiling looking at them. Thank you for your interesting and unusual content!

31 March 2010

Name: Patric
They try to tell us today that porn is a kind of art. No, porn is nothing but wanking stuff. Your site offers something absolutely different. This is what I call the real art of erotic photography!

18 March 2010

Name: Eugen
I cannot say for sure if Ive ever seen so many pretty retro ladies before. I mean NATURAL pretty ladies. Modest makeup, hair everywhere it is meant to be, no artificial boobs or lips, sexy bijou. Nice!

7 March 2010

Name: BG
My god! Goodness gracious! So many totally retro hairy pussies! Ive never seen the jungles like that before! You can call me a freak but it is kinda cute! You will never see a perineum as bushy as that nowadays.

2 March 2010

Name: Rado
Viva retro erotica! Porn is really good sometimes but it is not fit for every occasion. Your site is the best for creating pensive mood before a romantic dinner for two. The number of links and sections is impressive, too.

23 February 2010

Name: Jery
I really enjoyed watching your numerous vintage erotic pics. Time to remember that a woman is a beautiful and arousing creature but not just a piece of flesh to nail, eh? Nice selection, fellows. Thank you!

9 February 2010

Name: Mark
Ohhhh, yeaaah! You reminded me of my childhood! I remember finding a set of vintage porn pics in my dad?s closet. They were just like those old images you have online. Ha-ha! Porn pics they were some decades ago! Cute!

5 February 2010

Name: Cody
Thank you, fellows! I've creamed my keyboards twice! Joking, of course ))) But I am here to say your site is really special. I came across it accidentally and now it is one of my favorites. It is so very different from all other adult sites I?ve seen. And this is a very good erotic difference.

1 February 2010