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For one thing, this collection is one of the most exclusive collections in world photography. We definitely know of a great deal of wonderful modern photography, either art photography or fashion photography, as well as about vintage photography. As for the last mentioned kind we are still discovering new examples, still are elf-struck with the masterpieces of the past years and some of the most thrilling are the ones that gave life for today’s pornography.

In this first gallery we are at once shocked with the frankness of every picture. The nude bodies of women are not only erotically beautiful but they are also wanton and vulgar in that special way that women can perform today and were able to do that years back. Lasses openly show not only their breasts, there is no shame in showing their bites.

The photography which can be considered the most pure here is the one of the woman looking in the mirror. She seems pure but there is not a piece of clothes and we can see the beauty of her breasts and her privy parts. The reflection in the mirror is dazzled by its own beauty…

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