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Naked and Divine.
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Some of the most genuine examples performing the beauty of a woman’s body are here, fully exposed to your observation. The charming flow of the well-shaped bodies, the atmosphere of romance and the unusual lightness in every single photography – that is what makes one feel the butterflies in his stomach. Nothing complex and nothing ordinary with the maids from the past.

A gal standing next to an elegant mirror. She probably knows there is someone else in the room, she knows and thus she reveals the amenities of her body, knowing ahead of time there is the seductive force in the openness of a naked female flesh.

There is something flip in her look but not a single sign of the sin in her whole posture, not even in that one hand seizing a smooth breast. It seems as if the maid were ignoring whoever is looking at her, fully absorbed in the beauty of her own. The dark lipstick is obvious on her lips, the shades of the plump body reflect alluringly in the oval-shaped mirror – and there isn’t a single doubt about the virtue of her silent defiance. There begins and lasts forever the seduction of the human flesh.

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