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Nudes 1900s.
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The dim light, the mysterious tricks of light and shade astonish the gallery visitor. Back then, in the 1990s photographers had a true talent of seeing the exact and the most perfect way of portraying a feminine body. May the beauty standards were somewhat different from what we have today, yet the beauty flavour that a body of a woman reveals remains with us even today. The never ending sensation, the agitation in the presence of true charm – the nakedness without a slightest remark of restraint. Feminine bodies interlacing in one quaint and glorious dance of sensuality bring the visitor into a totally different world.

Standing on the sofa the maiden is on her knees. The whole picture is penetrated by sensual purity and light. It looks as if there is a fairy tale right on the photo. The maiden holds her breast in the most elegant way with a delight in her dark eyes. A bracelet on her wrist adds sexuality to the femme’s image. A contemporary kerchief on her head leaning forward conceals beautiful hair. It is hard to believe one does not have a strong desire to grab that seductive body and strangle it in one’s passionate arms.

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