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Appetizing Spots - 2 1900s.
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The plain speaking bodies of the delicate lasses from the 1990s seem to absorb one's attention fully. Their plump flesh whets one's desire with the large breasts and beautiful rondures...Showing their pale skin and gazing in the most tempting way the photo ladies have neither shame nor modesty as for demonstrating the most private parts of their bodies. So delicious that one can hardly imagine the way to hold his temper. The lasses are photographed indoors mostly, the atmosphere is the one of intimacy and amazingly frank as the models reveal the true secrets of their bosom and their privy parts, the smooth legs and the tempting round bellies. The flesh that waits for a male intrusion...

The femme lying on the bed, fully uncovered shows no signs of embarrassment when entreasuring her round fanny. Her relaxed naked body is thrown on the soft cushions and the blanket softly touches her skin. The woman's hips are evidently vast and cuddly. There is a strong urge to touch her skin, to have a chance of feeling the evenness of her bottom. Just one step forward - and there she is sleeping peacefully, so helpless and so defenseless...

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