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Third Reich Erotica.
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The third Reich Erotica beguiles the eye with the simplicity and the purity of lines. There is nothing intricate in those pictures but at the same time they are as expressive as they could be. It’s mostly a grey shaded photography with the smooth outlines of feminine bodies. What could be better than a naked maid on the sea shore? Truly passionate bodies and truly passionate vision of women beauty – those are the marks of this very photography school. There is a difference according to the previous pictures: these ones tend to be very revealing and at the same time there is pure romance in them, without a slightest shade of rottenness.

One of the most vivid pictures on this page is the one with a naked girl lying on clean sand surrounded by rare spikelet so that we can see every single area of her skin, her beautiful legs, her flat belly and the nipples on her breasts as the sun feast’s its eyes together with us. This is probably a cloudy day with rare sunbeams coming through. One can feel the presence of wind cuddling her beautiful body and one wishes he could be there to just have one single touch…

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