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Nude Beauties - 1900s.
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More and more of the dazzling feminine beauty is here, this time on the page of the nude beauties of the 1900s. The paradox of these pictures is often seen when a modern society person finds the pictures too much different from the typical today ones and only the ones who know how to enjoy these trips into the past may appreciate the genuine charm of these pictures. The lasses shown here were photographed most often completely naked and they were barefaced on this pictures according to the moral standards of 1990s. One can see every single detail of their naked bodies as far as the nipples on their breasts and the bloom between their legs. Some of the pictures are full of passion, others are somewhat amusing.

The lady who sits on the throne covered with a piece of bear-skin is one of the brightest pictures o this page. The awkward expression of her face and the whole posture are strangely combined in this photo. The maid seems somewhat reserved and strained. Most probably it was her first experience of nude photography. The contrast with the other lasses is evident and this is a wonderful sample of how it all used to be when the women were so different and that counted for the inner state of their thoughts as well.

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