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Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa del Rio is known as the invariable empress of Latin porn industry. She can be described as passionate and hot female who has coffee with milk color of skin. She has well shaped tight body with a rounded ass and big poured breasts and she really loves to masturbate. She is considered to be beautiful but she has a bit big nose and mouth with plump lips. As soon as you hear her name then immediately begin to imagine passionate wild sex without any limitations…Though she is very well known for bringing incredible satisfaction to a man with her mouth and lips but without any exaggeration she performs great in any sex action she is taking part in. You can see real desire in all her acts. That made her famous and brought her award from the critics in early 80s for the “Dracula Exotica” and “Dancers” movies.

Vanessa started her career as a porno star in 70‘s and was performing till the moment of her resignation. She had been inspiring her fans nearly 11 years and had been involved in around hundred sex video performances. During that period she was one of the best porno actresses of all the times. Scenes of wild and passionate sex made ​​her real star of movies for Adults and imprinted her name on a long time in the history of Latin sex industry.