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Classic Sexy Ladies

If you think porn is just an industry of lechery, you are wrong. It’s also a very serious art. Taking a look at classic retro pictures, that are fully represented on this website, you can see how ideas of beauty and femininity has changed with the time. We may say that there can’t be fashion for women and we like different types of them, but each period in history has a type of woman, standing behind it. In the first part of twentieth century plump, curved and blonde girls were in. Just think of pinup girls with their meaty leggy bodies and sexy breasts. The second part of epoch was represented by skinny, tall and almost flat ladies who didn’t have that fabulous forms.

And in the ninetieth, the fashion for curved and sexy ladies with forms came back to us. We still think that each woman is hot and special, but this website will help you to observe all the types of feminine beauty, beginning with erotic models of the 1920th to the sexy modern pictures made in the style of vintage art.