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Hardcore retro babes

admin | February 16, 2009

Welcome to the Vintage Nudes community! Beautiful vintage nudes inspired us to create this website, and we’re trying to make it the place where your dreams come true! Classic babes were not less debauched than modern chicks. Retro babes were so natural and simple that they had no shame at all, ’cause shame is a [...]

Retro babes from two ages

admin | February 16, 2009

Welcome back! Our Vintage Nudes club is glad to greet you once again, dear stranger. I wrote this entry for you to compare two different ages, two different styles of erotic photography. 20-s and 80-s, they are so different and so similar. Retro babes from 20-s are perfectly natural, there’s no false shame and  excessive glamour. You [...]