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Brigitte Lahaie

Brigitte Lahaie’s biography


Bridget’s porn career started in1976 when she answered an advertisement placed in the newspaper.

In 1976 Brigitte Lahaie acquainted with Jean Rollin and starred to play in his movie erotic psychiatrist. And in 1978, working with the same director, the first time takes part in non porn movie named Grapes of death.

In the same year in Portugal Brigitte Lahaie started to collaborate with Jesus Franco, and she got a role in one of his movies. The first contacts with Franco turned out not very successful. Franco for a long time was not talking to an actress what made her want to go back to France as soon as possible. The shooting ended and Franco asked Lahaie to play in his next film. But she denied… He was angry and kept the distance between them. However, when he later called after a long break and offered to cooperate, the parties have established a good relationship.

In 1986 Brigitte Lahaie involved in a police film L’Executrice, this time performing uncharacteristic for the role of strong woman, a police officer. In the same year she published an anthology L’Anthologie Du Plaisir, which is a compilation of scenes from early porn Bridget.

In 1990 she was collaborating with Philip Kaufman and had a role in his film named Henry and June. She was playing a prostitute. In 1995, Bridget returned to work with Rollin and perform a small role in the film Orphan vampires. In the 2000s, she began to produce her own talk show on TV. The show was dedicated to the romantic and sexual problems.

Brigitte Lahaie – French Porn Star