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Annette Haven

Sex queen Annette Haven has shape of neighbor girl which helped her to win hearts of her fans for the roles of innocent virgin girl. But do not be mistakenly fooled by her appearance. Behind this exterior there is a tenacious and passionate nature who expresses herself in her roles. She was looking the same beautiful and fresh even after long career in porno business during the 1970s and 1980s. Annette has a really very beautiful face. Her big brown eyes will not leave anybody calm. And her sensual mouth promises a lot of pleasure. During her career as a porno star she had been shot in the 151 (including compilations) movies. But she was rejecting scenes containing bondage, violence, or ejaculation on the face. But she was still remaining high class professional porn actress.

Her first role was the role «Lady Freaks» (1973) by Alex de Rienzi. In addition to the active work in porn, and starred to play in the mainstream in the film of Blake Edwards. She was also invited to the role in the movie “Howl,” but refused because she can’t stand violence. Also, was one of the candidates on the main female role in the film “Double body”, but that role eventually went to Melanie Griffith, and the Haven became a consultant director of Brian De Palma. In an interview with De Palma before filming, he said: “I have been thinking about casting. I do not know about the seductive young porn stars but porn stars of older generation like Annette Haven can really play. And Annette has an amazing body.

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Adult Legend Annette Haven was the best porn star in the 70′s and 80′s.