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    Juliette Anderson

    Posted on July 23, 2012

    Juliet has quickly become one of the main actresses of “the golden age of porn.” In addition to playing in porno movies she starred to appear in porno magazines, appeared on radio and television, ran the mail delivery, a casting agency “Sex on the phone” services agency. She also toured with performances by the U.S., combining comedy and sex. Later, she described these actions as the most pleasant part of her career….

    Juliette Anderson was born in California in 1938. For several years she taught English in Japan, Mexico, Greece and Finland, and then came to the U.S., wanting to radically change her live. She knew nothing about the adult film industry, and ran into it at the age of 40 years. For two years she has made some excellent films including the famous episodes of Aunt Peg.

    Juliet Anderson still stayed in porno business but working on other side of the camera.

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    Kay Parker

    Posted on June 12, 2012

    Young Parker was involved in xxx rated film industry during the late 70s. She took part part in one of Leslie’s upcoming films.

    Kay Parker first declined the offer when she knew that it will be pornographic movie and she was playing at first non-sexual roles. One day Anthony Spinally the porn director involved her into her first sex scene in the movie named Sex World.

    Her first partner in sex movie was Joey Silvera. Parker told lately that Silvera was slapping her all the time during the sex scenes that she even one time lost her tooth.

    After Spinelli’s Sex World movie Parker became very popular in sex industry and Parker became one of the most popular sex stars of all times.

    She also played a small role Burt Reynolds film, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in 1982

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    Candy Sample

    Posted on June 11, 2012

    Candy Sample have very big and successful career, with her big breasts, she one of the hottest blonde porn stars of 70’s! She have so much fans around the world, its not only because she have huge breasts, also, because she really good actress.

    She started from softcore scenes with Russ Meyer in ‘Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens’ and become a hardcore pornstar after it. She become very successful porn star exactly after hardcore scenes, her hottest films is ‘Candy’s Candy’ and ‘Candy’s Bedtime Story’.

    She was working with ‘Flesh Gordon’, who also make her very famous as big-boob porn star. Fans think that her hottest film is ‘John Holmes and The All-Star Sex Queens’. If you are fan of huge boob porn stars, Candy Samples is a best choose for you!

    Candy Samples is a busty porn actress.

    Sexy Nina Hartley

    Posted on June 3, 2012

    In 1982 Nina starts to work as a stripper in the theater “O’Farrell” managed by Mitchell brothers.
    In 1984 she debuted in Adult Movies – in the film «Educating Nina», Juliet Anderson set. The film had a huge success. Since then, Nina appeared in more than 400 full-length adult films and has become one of the most recognizable actresses in the porn industry. When asked why she chose a name “Nina”, she said that Nina was much easier to pronounce to Japanese tourists who were frequently visiting the place where she worked as a stripper. “Hartley”, she chose because she liked at the time advertising with Meriett Hartley in pair with James Garner.

    Nina is a very beautiful blond woman with great breast and one of the most well-known gorges butts in porn industry. The fact that Nina loves sex in real life so much made a print in her acting and made her one of the best actresses of all the times.


    Nina Hartley is still the sexiest performer of the movies for adults. The combination of charisma, intelligence charm beauty makes her not just a great actress but also a stunning woman

    Nina Hartley’s AVN Awards

    * 1987. The prize for best female role in the film «Ten Little Maidens».
    * 1987. Prize for the best pair of sex scene in the movie «Amanda By Night II».
    * 1989. Award for Best Actress in the movie «Portrait of an Affair».
    * 1989. Prize for the best pair of sex scene in the movie «Sensual Escape».
    * 1991. Award for Best Actress in the film «Last X-Rated Movie».
    * 2005. Special prize for S & M scene in the movie «Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 13“.
    * 2005. Special prize for spanking in the movie «Nina Hartley’s Guide To Spanking»

    Nina Hartley was one of the best-loved, most highly respected porn stars

    Cicciolina Italian Porn Star

    Posted on May 31, 2012

    Cicciolina (real name – Ilona Styler) was born in Budapest (Hungary). Her father worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and her mother was a midwife. Ilona began her modeling career at age 13 in Budapest agency MTI. She studied in parallel. First, in school, then at the Medical College, then at the Archaeological Department of the Budapest University. In the early 70′s led by Ilona Styler top 50 best models at home and won the title of Miss Hungary.
    Since 1976 Ilona works for the Italian Radio Luna. Her program Do you want to sleep with me enjoys wildly popular, thanks to frank talk about sex with a pleasant voice. Italians called Ilona Cicciolina – sex queen.
    In 1978 Cicciolina invited to a television show one day after a 2-fold. She appeared to him in all her glory and topless. The show not only Cicciolina demonstrated its magnificent white body, but also talked about free love and censorship. Her views were very radical: to abolish the law articles, punishing for spreading pornography, television screens open to a frank eroticism, the teaching of sexual ethics in the schools.
    Political career of Cicciolina was in close contact with the shooting in the porno films. Pictures of her participation Porno Poker, Chocolate Banana, Red Phone stood in the place of honor in the video library of Italian Communists, socialists, radicals and conservatives.

    In the mid-80′s favorite porn actress decided to go to Italy to stand for election on the district of Lazio. The only campaign promise was to kiss Chichcholina and everyone voted for it. As a result, she received 20 thousand voters to support the party.

    Classic Sexy Ladies

    Posted on May 30, 2012

    If you think porn is just an industry of lechery, you are wrong. It’s also a very serious art. Taking a look at classic retro pictures, that are fully represented on this website, you can see how ideas of beauty and femininity has changed with the time. We may say that there can’t be fashion for women and we like different types of them, but each period in history has a type of woman, standing behind it. In the first part of twentieth century plump, curved and blonde girls were in. Just think of pinup girls with their meaty leggy bodies and sexy breasts. The second part of epoch was represented by skinny, tall and almost flat ladies who didn’t have that fabulous forms.

    And in the ninetieth, the fashion for curved and sexy ladies with forms came back to us. We still think that each woman is hot and special, but this website will help you to observe all the types of feminine beauty, beginning with erotic models of the 1920th to the sexy modern pictures made in the style of vintage art.



    Posted on May 24, 2012

    Seka was born in Radford Virginia State. Now is she is known as a pretty platen blond porno star but back in time under the influence of Ken Yentz, her second-husband she ran several adult bookstores in in early 70thtill the moment she moved to Las Vegas. While she was there she did her first nude movie right before coming back to Virginia. It was so successful that she immediately was invited to her first short film of pornography in Baltimore while she was still a teenager. Patton and Ken Yontz subsequently moved to Los Angeles, where she devoted herself to the pursuit of her career in porn, initially using the name “Sweet Alice” as well as “Linda Grasser.”

    She eventually adopted the screen name Seka, after a female blackjack dealer in Vegas she knew. She went on to star in more than 200 adult videos with “a break” in 1982, when, she stopped shooting sex movies, claiming “they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted,” and turned to stripping and nude modeling while also running her own fan club. Subsequently, she also admitted that the HIV epidemic in the mid-1980s contributed to her decision to avoid the hardcore sex scene (“That’s why I don’t make movies any more…I like to live”). By the early ’90s, she had returned to the porn industry to perform in a few final movies, her last being American Garter.

    Vintage hairy pussy

    Posted on May 23, 2012

    When you glance at beautiful body of a hot young lady from last century, what comes to your mind? I’m sure it’s not just sex, it’s a chance to touch a different epoch, that has passed by already and will never come back. Last century is a time of different memories, and sexual memories especially. If you are a little above thirty, it means your first sexual experience took place in good old times of twentieth century, and all these sexy girls on this website remind you of your past. A good forgotten feeling of nostalgia, that makes you remember your youth – that’s what happens to us, when we look at these fantastic nudes and sexy erotic of vintage. Pinup babes remind us of good old times and help to come back there in our fantasies. No matter how much we love modern girls with their sexuality that’s for show, we know one thing – shy and sexy vintage girls will always attract us.

    Annette Haven

    Posted on May 21, 2012

    Sex queen Annette Haven has shape of neighbor girl which helped her to win hearts of her fans for the roles of innocent virgin girl. But do not be mistakenly fooled by her appearance. Behind this exterior there is a tenacious and passionate nature who expresses herself in her roles. She was looking the same beautiful and fresh even after long career in porno business during the 1970s and 1980s. Annette has a really very beautiful face. Her big brown eyes will not leave anybody calm. And her sensual mouth promises a lot of pleasure. During her career as a porno star she had been shot in the 151 (including compilations) movies. But she was rejecting scenes containing bondage, violence, or ejaculation on the face. But she was still remaining high class professional porn actress.

    Her first role was the role «Lady Freaks» (1973) by Alex de Rienzi. In addition to the active work in porn, and starred to play in the mainstream in the film of Blake Edwards. She was also invited to the role in the movie “Howl,” but refused because she can’t stand violence. Also, was one of the candidates on the main female role in the film “Double body”, but that role eventually went to Melanie Griffith, and the Haven became a consultant director of Brian De Palma. In an interview with De Palma before filming, he said: “I have been thinking about casting. I do not know about the seductive young porn stars but porn stars of older generation like Annette Haven can really play. And Annette has an amazing body.

    In front of the mirrord






    Adult Legend Annette Haven was the best porn star in the 70′s and 80′s.

    Christy Canyon

    Posted on May 18, 2012

    Christy Canyon

    Christy Canyon was born in California in June 1966. She had been graduated from the University with a major degree in marketing and merchandise. Christy Canyon has Armenian and Italian roots. In addition to Christie’s gorgeous body she has very beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair. Christie was named as a best female porno actress by critics and her fans. She also won several awards for her fantastic performances which includes a lot of fascinating and full of passion scenes.

    During her porn career Christy Canyon was leaving and returning back to porn business industry a lot of times with different stage names. She was known as Linda Daniel, Tara White, just Christie, Dee Dee and even Tara Wine. And each time after coming back she was making her fans happy with a new performance. It is hard to calculate how many times she was retired. But she is still pleasing us with her exciting acting and new movies.

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    Busty porn star Christy Canyon