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0 Presents work of New York based painter known for his surreal candy landscapes. Paintings explore themes of temptation, gluttony and indulgence.   —   Will
0 East Village-based event photographer/documentarian who specializes in pictures of picturesque people, with a preference for burlesque, NYC nighttime soirées, fetish shows, BDSM parties, GLBTQ events, art installations, and sideshow acts.   —   Joy
0 Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914 ? February 29, 1980), born Gilette Elvgren, was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Elvgren lived in various locations, and was active from the 1930s to 1970s. Today he is best known for his pin-up paintings for Brown & Bigelow. Elvgren studied at the American Academy of Art.

Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up and glamour artists of the twentieth century. In addition, he was a classical American illustrator. He was a master of portraying the feminine, but he wasn"t limited to the calendar pin-up industry. He was strongly influenced by the early "pretty girl" illustrators, such as Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis, and Howard Chandler Christy. Other influences included the Brandywine School founded by Howard Pyle.

Elvgren was a commercial success. His clients ranged from Brown and Bigelow and Coca-Cola to General Electric and Sealy Mattress Company. In addition, during the 1940s and 1950s he illustrated stories for a host of magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping.   —   timos
0 Lui is a French adult entertainment magazine created in November 1963 by Daniel Filipacchi, a fashion photographer turned publisher.

The objective was to be bring some charm ?à la française? to the market of man-only magazines, following the success of Playboy in the USA, launched just a decade before.

France, indeed, in the first half of XXth century had an outstanding reputation for erotic publications, feeding also foreign market and inspiring also ersatz France-flavoured magazines abroad, when, for example, US publishers used French-assonating titles like Chère and Dreamé or placed tricolour flags on the covers, attempting to attract the casual buyer. It was anyway a semi-clandestine circulating material, not allowed to be freely displayed or admittedly bought. In this sense Playboy changed the way "soft-pornography" (become more respectfully "adult entertainment"), can be publicly circulated.

This magazine was particularly successful from its origins to the early eighties, featuring many B-List but also prominent French actresses, such as Brigitte Bardot, Mireille Darc or Marlène Jobert. Its motto was Lui, le magazine de l"homme moderne.

It featured a pin-up by Aslan.

After 1990 there were various attempts to relaunch the title. Currently it is published every three months.   —   Polly
0 Fernando Vicente Pin-Ups   —   Edward
0 A gallery of art nudes featuring sophisticated, elegant women by photographer Allyn Coover. It"s all free, and images change weekly   —   Allyn Coover
0 Vintage Jewelry and Watch advertisements   —   Karla
0 Everything You Already Knew About Sex (But Kind Of Wish You Didn"t)   —   Rob
0 Gals Gams and Garters is a large scrapbook patched together by an anonymous aficionado of the ankle, thigh and leg.   —   Kyttie
0 Official website of Heidi Van Horne - Pin Up model, Actress, Writer, Photographer and Auto Journalist   —   Marci
0 Steve Woron"s Glamour & Underwater Photography   —   Merry
0 The main reason I wrote Bad Mags was because I wished I had had something comparable when I started looking for and collecting these magazines--a guide if you will. Because Bad Mags attempts to cover such a large selection of subject matter any chapter included in it could have been its own book. Bad Mags is not a complete listing of the magazines and tabloids covering these particular subjects (if such a thing were possible), but is an attempt to give a more complete picture of what was published concerning them at the time.   —   Tomy
0 You just entered the website of East Coast"s number one pinup photographer Viva Van Story.
Expect lots of information on Viva, her work and of course view lots of amazing photography of today"s hottest pinup models all over the world.   —   timm
0 The Lazy World of Arthur Ignatowski   —   Arthur Ignatowski
0 Retro Erotyka   —   Jameson
0 FinnSleaze! Finnish Men"s Magazines of the 1950s - 1970s   —   Tom
0 See Pin-Up art, fantasy paintings, portraits, caricatures, original art by lorenzo di mauro, buy lorenzo posters, art prints   —   hugo
0 Artists, Art and Illustrators who excelled at exploitation and enticement. Victor Minx Profiles Eugene Bilbrew, Bill Alexander, Eric Stanton and Bill Ward. Four remarkable illustrators who produced work for Eddie Mishkin and his line of sleaze paperbacks in the 1960"s. Also examples of vintage sleaze illustration produced by anonymous or forgotten inkers of the 1950s. Related vintage sleaze ephemera. Brief essays, history and tidbits. Low Art goes High Art!   —   Victor Minx
0 Gerhard Riebicke Fine Art Photography   —   Jock
0 Martin Cooper The Altis: Events 2   —   Martin
0 The GLAMORGIRL is the soft touch of wakefulness, the nirvana to dull the pain of our maleness, the sweet inspiration that makes it possible for us, as Oscar Wilde puts it, to be "standing in the mud, but looking at the stars."   —   william
0 Cramps Posters. This page has various offset and silkscreened concert posters for Cramps shows from all over.   —   Mike McEchron
0 Selection of collectible vintage paperback books.   —   Robert
0 Nude female figure photography from the 1950s. This collection of color vintage nudes was carefully restored over a two-year span. Fine art prints available   —   Anonymous
0 RetroKitten is a networking tool for models, photographers, artists and performers in alternative genres (pin-up, gothic, rock-a-billy, punk and retro) to find others to work with.   —   Kitty
0 The extraordinary hand-painted photographs of Rudolph Rossi. Rossi was an informal member of the New York City Concorde Camera Club in the repressive 1950"s. For a ten dollar fee, he photographed Bettie Page and a plethora of interracial models, then later meticulously hand-painted the photographs creating the illusion of color photography. An exceptional body of work by a previously unknown and unrecognized photographer and erotic artist from a time when such activity was taboo.   —   Jim
0 Vintage Pulchritude A Collection Of Beauties From Days Gone By   —   Victoria
0 Official Website for The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation   —   martin
0 Nudes. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs   —   daril
0 Retro Sexy - collection retro photos   —   panic
0 Hi everyone! This is my photographic tribute to the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962).   —   Dora
0 Demi Moore Nude Photo Exposed Very Hairy Bush and Nice Tits   —   Matt
0 A collection of men"s magazine covers from the 1950"s and 1960"s   —   Sarah
0 A collection of comic and fantasy art plus artwork from the Golden Age of Illustration and whatever else sparks my interest.   —   Dan
0 a blog about erotic fine art   —   Daniele
0 Retro American art and ads.   —   kebzu
0 Pin-up Burlesque Girl   —   kebzu
0 The 100 Year Old Photo Blog   —   kebzu
0 SVETLANA VALUEVA. Nostalgia for the elevated, magnificent silver age of Russia has drawn Svetlana Valueva to the past, a period known in the West as Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, or Liberty. This is where the characters of Svetlanas paintings are destined to dwell.   —   kebzu
0 Image archives: Typewriter Erotica   —   kebzu
0 Vintage Ads Poster.   —   kebzu
0 Nu artistique.   —   kebzu
0 Comic book cover   —   kebzu
0 Beautiful women wearing girdles.   —   kebzu
0 Vintage Magazine Cover   —   kebzu
0 Offers a Huge Selection of Adult PornStars and Vintage Porn Magazines. The site specializes in Vintage European Porn Magazines Color Climax - Private - Pleasure & Silwa.   —   kebzu
0 Provides a history of dandyism with news, information and links about men\'s fashion and style icons through the ages.   —   Artem
0 Man Ray Trust- Official Site.   —   kebzu
0 Original photos by Irving Klaw.   —  
0 It’s not a bad site, but it’s just basically an add for another webpage. They give 30 free samples of some old vintage porn. It’s an amusing little site, worth a visit but not a bookmark.   —   Artem